We’ve been honored to have been on Frank Turek’s Radio Show on American Family Radio and Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason did a tremendous job of reading Anna’s comments on his show in January 2010.
If you’d like to listen to either of these here are the links:

American Family Radio by Frank Turek of CrossExamined.org- listen here: http://action.afa.net/Radio/Talk/Podcasts/CrossExamined/ (see the podcast for Jan 9th, 2010)

Greg Koukl (Stand to Reason) read Anna’s comments on the air on KBRT in LA- listen here: http://www.strcast2.org/podcast/weekly/011010.m3u (it’s mainly the initial monologue, then Greg goes on to deal with caller questions – he actually has Dr. Fuz Rana a microbiologist on later talking about the latest fossil findings that undermine evolution which is fascinating.)

Some great news with Frank’s show, the day after the show aired I received an email from an gentlemen who had left the faith. He heard the show and went to my website www.NoBlindFaith.com and read my paper on Agent X. He then sent me an email here’s an excerpt:

Neil, I can find no other words other than to simply thank you and your wife for sharing your journey. Know that because of your faith and your very personal walks with God, that you have profoundly touched one more person. I was listening to you speak on AFR out here in North Carolina on Saturday. Please take my brief story as one more proof that God is working through you, God is working though your daughter….
My most fundamental problem with faith has been reconciling my logical mind with faith as I had learned it.
I have not made the step to truly re-accepting God, because of that personal hurdle.
I jotted down your book title and web site as I drove and that night I printed your shortened essay on Agent X and read it, and re-read it late into the next morning.
It was precisely what I needed at this point in my walk, and it has kindled my desire to make new big strides on my way to a meaningful Faith and all that God intends.
So just thank you for your faith and sharing it with me.
Signed David L.

David and I have been corresponding and he’s looking at using the Agent X material to witness to others. Pray for this ministry in his life.